Monday, July 9, 2012


Though anguish burns like hot coals in my soul
Though it feels the world has turned it's back
My strength comes from the Lord who makes me whole
My hope is in him alone; people can't help but fail 
Though my heart is breaking, someday he'll wipe my tears away
I know he is beside me and loves me
And he always hears every word I pray
I know he is beside me and loves me
Even when it's hard to love myself
Until I finish walking this long road home.
Persevere, my heart
Persevere, my feet
Let me learn your patience
And Father, would you just carry me
for a bit
Until joy returns again....

This song was written by Steven Curtis Chapman after his daughter died, and it's been on my mind all day.  I hope you enjoy it.  No matter what this world dishes out, we're going home someday.  Some days it feels like such a long way....but take heart! He has overcome the world.

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