My love of Israel & Hebrew music with English subtitles

I've always known that Israel is a special place, a country that God gave to Abraham and his line.  But being a typical American Christian living under the new covenant, I didn't spend nearly as much time reading and studying the first covenant (testament).

Then in May 2011 I went on a ten day trip there and it turned my world on its ear.  Israel has become my passion.  For as an adopted child into God"s family, this is my history as well, and there is a wealth of information to be learned.

I think we tend to forget that Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi.
And so I determined that I wanted to learn everything I could about my Savior's culture in order to know Him better.

Are you interested?  If so, there is a wealth of information online.  Through YouTube I've learned quite a bit of Hebrew.  I'm learning to speak it, write it, sing it, pray it....and it has brought me closer to my Lord as a form of worship.

We each have our own road to travel and this may not be your cup of tea.  That's okay.  God made us all different and unique so that we may function together like parts of a body, because that's what we are; the body of Christ on earth.  We are his hands and feet.

You are welcome to use my YouTube page.  It's under Suzie Tors and there are a great many playlists with are a few of my many favorites :)

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