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The Story Of Mark and Sunny

Sunny and Mark
A real story about family, love, citizenship and loved ones being wrongly deported.

This is about love, family, immigration, a couple wrongly deported out of the country and a family split up. Our family is comprised of Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Christians, Catholics, Agnostics and many other denominations. Some believe in closed borders, some believe in open borders. We do however, all agree that the situation with my Son Mark and his wife (my daughter-in-law) Sunny (Kaesun) is an injustice. If anyone knows anyone, who knows anyone, who can help - please pass this on. This story has affected hundreds of South Korean immigrants that thought they had come here legally. They lived here for decades, got jobs, got degrees, went to school, only to be deported from a country and life they love.
A Letter Written by a Dear Friend

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing you regarding an extremely urgent matter. This crisis is not showing up on the news, but should, as it is affecting hundreds of wonderful South Korean immigrants and their friends and family.

Over 20 years ago, three corrupt men, a U.S. immigration supervisor (Leland Sustaire) and two immigration brokers, committed crimes that threaten to deport (or in some cases, already have deported) 275 innocent South Korean immigrants. These greedy brokers were found guilty of bribing Leland Sustaire, who accepted the bribes, and authorized the fraudulent green cards.

Kaesun Song Douglas (lovingly known as Sunny, now wrongly known as alien #A47054690 in Eloy Detention Center), is a brilliant, loving, and honest young woman who began her life in America as a 10 year old immigrant. Her family believed that everything was done legally, and even Daniel Lee, the corrupt broker, has stated that his clients did not know of the bribery and fraud. Regardless, it is 100% unjust that a girl filled with dreams, who arrived in this wonderful country at the age of 10 should be uprooted from the life she has worked so hard to build, over 20 years later!

Not only was Sunny an innocent child through the immigration process, but she is in love with and married to her sweetheart of over five years, who is an American man! I see NO possible explanation for her deportation. The last conversation I had with her before she was snatched from her home, she was discussing her plans for graduate school and how she was excited about the idea of having children and starting a family in the next couple years.

The men who committed the crimes have done their time (please see attached article from the LA Times which contains more information).They have stated that their immigrant clients are innocent. These professionals, families, students, and outstanding AMERICANS have spent 20 years building their lives in this country.
They came to this country for a better life. They came to this country to be here for all the reasons we love being Americans. They came to this country because we as a people believe in justice. Ripping an amazing young woman like Sunny away from her husband, education, friends and entire life is utterly and undeniably wrong. Please don’t let me, and everyone whose lives have been touched by Sunny and the many others in her position, lose faith in the justice for which this country stands.
Please, I know you are busy, but anything you can do to help will never be forgotten. Sunny has been torn from her friends and family, is being detained in Arizona, and faces deportation as soon as tomorrow.



- Sunny was deported to South Korea from her detention center. My son Mark joined his wife in South Korea and they both are trying to gain her acceptance back into the United States.

-Sunny is also juggling her full-time job and taking her last two classes online through San Jose State University in order to earn her degree.

*More Background Information

My daughter-in-law ( Sunny ) Kaesun Song Douglas ( A#47054690 )
came to this country when she was 10 with her Mom and her brother
with visas. She went to school and worked her way through San Jose
State University. In 1986 there was a scam that was started by 2
Korean Brokers (who some of 275 South Koreans had met at church).
These 2 brokers said they would get legal help for these people-for a
fee-and these South Koreans were naive. Instead of getting legal help,
the brokers bribed an INS Supervisor who ended up getting $500,000 for
giving out green cards to these 275 South Koreans. The INS Supervisor
finally, in 1998 turned himself in and testified against the brokers, and
because of that he received a $7,500 fine-6 months in a halfway house-
and 6 months home confinement at his ranch in Tracy. He had burned
all the records previously.

The government told the South Koreans they
had to prove their innocence-which of course they couldn't do because
all the records were burned.

So Sunny is a victim of this whole scandal.
Sunny and my son Mark Douglas were married on 4/01/09. She
immediately became a wonderful part of our family, we all love her
tremendously. She is a sweet, caring, positive, fun person to be with.
I have never heard her say anything negative (except when she was
in the detention center in Eloy,Arizona-she was terrified).

Absolutely everyone I have ever spoken to, thinks this is one of the most unjust
situations they have ever heard of. Congressional Representatives
asked the DOJ to please take these deportations on a case by case
basis. Obviously they did not or Sunny would still be here.
She was in her last semester at San Jose State University
(had previously been on the dean's list-with a great GPA),
was on her way to her car to go to school and was picked up by
INS-on 8/31/10 and taken into custody. She was sent the next day to
the detention center in Eloy,Arizona and was deported on 9/21/10.
Sunny was here for 22 years and was a child when the scam happened.
She should not be responsible for what others did,especially 3 corrupt people.

Sunny loves this country and feels in her heart - this is her country.
Posted by Ms.Jeffry Elaine Douglas

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