Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Drastic Change: Full Time Service

My friends,

I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written anything, but about a month ago my world turned upside down!  It has long been a dream of the ministry I've been with for the past few years (Magdalene Hope), working with prostitutes on the street, to have a safe house that we can move them to and have a program of spiritual rehabilitation for them.  The woman who was to originally live on site and direct became unable, and so....I'm doing it!

I've been praying for a long time to go into some kind of full time service.  I felt that God had been telling me to continue to be faithful in the little things, and eventually He would open the door to others.  I've had to leave my home behind and am living in the mountains somewhere in California.  Truly, it's beautiful.  But what's even more beautiful is the chance to love these women who have been through so much.

Soon we will have internet service up there and I will be able to continue writing.  I do so much love to share my life and faith with all of you as well.  I am only here at my house briefly, so this is of necessity going to be brief as well.

I am so excited as I start this new adventure in serving my Lord and Savior!  Working in this position, I will also be able to attend Bible College free of charge.  I have wanted that instruction for so long!

Before going up there, I wanted to make sure that it was God's will.  So, like Gideon, I asked God for a few things.  I needed one of my kids to move into my house and care for it; as of now I get one weekend off a month and one eight hour day a week.  At first they all said no, and then my youngest daughter changed her mind, and she is already here :)  It is amazing what God can do!  But why should I ever doubt?  If He created it all, and I know He did, then He can make any miracle that is in His will happen.

And that goes for you too!  I will keep you updated on this wonderful new phase of my life.
Oh! And where I am we see deer every dusk and dawn.  What a beautiful creator we serve.
May our Father bless you and keep you!  I will keep in touch as soon as we have internet up there.

This song really sums up what God is doing for these women:

By the way, I'm seeing an ad on this page.  I didn't put it there, and I'm not sure how to get rid of it!!!!!

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