Sunday, October 21, 2012

Make me a Fisherman


If my body were strong I would dance for you      
If I had a sweet voice I would lift it up to sing        
But all I have are simple words on a page                
I wish I had more to bring                                  

So would you make me a fisher of men?            
A harvester in your field?
I just want my life to please you
So all my heart, to you, I yield

Please pour out your Spirit fresh and new         
Give us your strength each and every day            
And as we kneel before you, would you
Reveal yourself when we seek and pray

Give me words that encourage                                          
That show your compassion and grace      
Until the day finally comes
When I've finished this long, long race

Please bless those that come here
And answer the questions they ask
Please bless the workers everywhere
As they tackle their every task

Father, bless and keep us
Safe in every way
Draw us closer to you
Every single day

May the Father bless you in everything :)

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