Monday, May 14, 2012


Last night I went to a barbecue with some new friends. As we were talking late into the night, one of the young women began to share her story and her hurts. I once read that 1 in 3 women will have something done against their will by a man in their lifetime. For some of us it's just an unwanted grope or touch, but many of us go through so much more. My heart just ached for her, and all the little ones who are scarred by the way they are brought up, no matter the kind of cruelty they suffer.
Beautiful on the outside, but on the inside, broken. Home should be our safe haven, and if yours was, consider yourself blessed. Pass that on.

Little child, crying hot tears in the night
too young to understand, too young to fight
belts and bruises scar more than tender flesh
and too many men like little girls fresh
harsh words echo until they're believed
is it any wonder they search for something to relieve
run far far away
but shattered
what is there to say?

There's only one answer
and I know it to be true
You need someone to love you
who's stronger than you
who sees the secret hate
and all that pain inside
who loves you while you pound your fists
and when you try and hide

He's bigger and he's stronger
and only he knows how
to put the pieces of you together again
and he's willing to do it now

Child, just come to him and let him love you like love should be
instead of darkness, come into the light; he'll open your eyes to see
Blood doesn't always make a family- but he'll give you one for eternity
will you come? you're really not alone
you can have a father who is truly a king
he'll heal you and teach you everything
you are a son
or daughter of he that reigns above
And that, my friend, is where you find love.

Father, for all these that have suffered, bring them peace. For those with love to give, I would pray that each and every one of us would reach out to someone who is suffering, old hurts or new, and show them the love that only you can give. Amen.

May you be blessed.

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