Thursday, March 29, 2012

Help in troubled times

At the end of January and in early February I wrote a few posts about my former mother-in-law, Sue, who remains my best friend.  When I developed gastroparesis syndrome and had to quit nursing I began helping her with their family business, so most of the time I see her every afternoon for at least a few hours.  It's been a good arrangement for the both of us.  When I flare up bad enough that I can't come, what I do can wait or she can cover it until I'm better.  She's a strong, independent woman and a dedicated Christian.  I marvel that she and her husband have continued their business for so long; she's 73 and he's 78, and he still doesn't want to retire!
Anyway, in January she had a heart attack and then developed pneumonia and was critically ill for some time.  We all thought we might lose her.  But she recovered and we breathed a sigh of relief.  She's had some other problems for the past few years; some forgetfulness and balance problems that we've been concerned about, but figured it was probably just part of her aging.
A couple of days ago she took a tremendous fall, hit her head, and was hospitalized.  They did a CAT scan of her head and yesterday we received the devastating news that she has Lewy body dementia.  When I looked it up on the internet it all made sense.  Unfortunately, there is no cure.  She will only get worse with time.
Looking back, this has probably been developing for a few years.  She's been trying so hard not to let it show because she never wants to worry anyone.  She's the type of person who takes care of other people, not the other way around.  The doctors say that because she's had so many falls she can no longer be left alone.  They're trying to get home heath set up and I'll be there as much as possible.
I'm just heartbroken for her and her family.  But I know with God's help we'll get through this.  I don't know how I'd cope without him to lean on right now.
In other developments, I got some great news.  About six months ago I sent in a few devotions to a magazine that comes out once a year, with one devotion per day.  They are considering using one of mine! I'd blown it off a long time ago since I hadn't heard from them.  I just want so much to help others find the faith that makes such a difference in my own life.  Like now, even though Sue's illness is a terrible blow, I know that God will give me the grace and strength to carry on and help her to the best of my ability.
Even more exciting: on Friday night I'll be going out for the first time with the Mary Magdalene Ministry through my church.  The group meets at the church and then we drive out to the area in our town where the prostitutes hang out and talk to and pray with them, if they let us.  They work to get them off the streets and follow through afterwards as well.  I was privileged to meet one of the women Sunday at church.  She was one of the first they helped and they introduced me to her as a new person on the team.  I can't wait!  I've been wanting to do something like this for quite some time.
I really would like to make ministry a large part of my life.  It's really a question of what exactly it is that God wants me to do and how my health holds up.  For now, I'll keep putting one foot in front of the other and trust that he'll guide me into the right thing.

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